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Here we will discuss about health problems which can be cured with the help of Ayurveda and natural treatment, home remedies (you can say DADI MA KA NUSKHA).

Today I will talk about hairloss.

Medical term of hairfall is Alopecia areata.

Hairloss is very common in now days in men and women. Though women does not get bald completely they just get hair thinning problems but men gets completely bald due to some hormones in male body.

Frist I will give some reasons about hairfall.

Stress : yes stress is a reason of hairfall. Extreme stress is very bad for our health and it also effect out hair.

  1. Diet : bad diet is a reason of hairtfall . Extreme rich and spicy food is bad for our stomach it causes gastric problems and indigestion which effect our liver function and thus causes hair problems.
  2. Hormones : hormonal imbalance can cause hairloss
  3. Alcohol : drinking and smoking also cause hairfall.
  4. Hair products : hair products , gels , hair clay, hair sprays can also cause hairfall problems in men.
  5. Age : age is also a reason of hairfall .
  6. Genetic : hereditary is also a reason of hairfall.

Now I will talk about some home remedies to cure hairfall …

  1. OIL : coconut oil is a good thing for hair. It is very rich in nutrient which helps to reduce hairfall and if you add 2-3 drops of essential oil like rose merry oil will help to reduce hairfall. Other oils like Amla oil, Almond oil is also very helpful for hairloss
  2. Diet : healthy diet is very important for healthy hair. Eggs are very rich in protein and vitamins which helps to hair growth. Nuts like penuts also contain some important source of proteins for hair Almonds are very rich in zinc which is a main factor for hair. zinc provide strength in hair roots. Add green vegetables in your diet, this will help you with constipation. If your stomach is clean then your hair will be strong. Always remember healthy diet is the first step to grow healthy hair.
  3. Cosmetics : this is a important waning. Don’t apply any cosmetic product in your hair, this is the most harmful thing you can do to your hair. If you apply hair color in your hair then at least don’t touch the roots of the hair.
  4. Hair Mask : some hair mask is important to reduce hairfall. Egg mask is important for hair add yogart and egg and mix them together and apply them in your scalp and leave for 30 minutes and wash it with mild shampoo. Fenugreek seed and yogart can be apply together for 30 minutes for visible result. Green tea can be use as a rinse for hair.
  5. Onion juice : onion juice is a very effective remedy for hair. Simply grind the onion and take the juice and apply that in your scalp for nearly about an hour then wash it with shampoo. It will definitely show results in about 2-3 months.
  6. Exercise : It is very important to do regular exercise or any kind of physical work like walking , jogging, swimming etc. you have to increase your heart rate so that you sweat by this all blood in our body will circulate in our entire body. The blood will reach in scalp and the health of hair will improve. Excessive weight is also a reason of hairfall.

Even though you have to remember one thing that these methods will not show any result immediately you have to wait for 3-4 months to see any result. Be patience and try these methods.

                                  I hope this information will help you regarding your hair problems. and also I will discuss about this matter further on. And if you want to know about any other problems and their cures  then please leave me a comment thank you.